Meddon Plantation

Meddon Plantation

The forests and woodlands of Britain usually only differ in small ways.

But at Meddon Plantation, the woodland takes one massive step into a direction you probably weren’t expecting.

An unexpected woodland adventure

You’ll find open pathways and trails winding their way below the treetops of Meddon Plantation, and perhaps if the stories are true… maybe even a few UFOs.

We know, we know, UFOs? But apparently so, according to some. Rumour has it you’ll find a very oddly shaped opening in the woods, the crash site of something shaped like a 'flying disc'.

Whether you spot one spinning above the treetops or not, an adventure to Meddon Plantation is sure to be one of the most memorable outings into nature you’ve had in a while.

Bringing your furry friend along

Bring your little four-legged friend along for the day. There’s something about watching a dog bound through nature that makes it impossible not to smile.

If you’re feeling just as energetic as them, why not join in?

Running in nature can be a lovely way to clear your mind. Your focus falls away from the little, distracting things occupying your thoughts and everything becomes about the present.

Every step, every breath, every moment becomes important. You fly through the forest, but your mind becomes oddly still.

Watching your furry companion delightedly bounding in front of you will be all the encouragement and support you need to keep going.

Coastal retreats and woodland walks in the southwest

Meddon Plantation sits right on the doorstep of both the Hartland Devon and Cornwall Heritage Coasts. If you're looking for a quick dip in the sea or a lounge on the beach, you really can’t do much better.

The nature of Cornwall and Devon is as diverse as it is beautiful. You can spend the morning strolling through the woods and by mid-afternoon, be sunning it on the beach.

We can’t promise UFOs when you head out to Meddon Plantation, but what we can say is you’ll find some of southwest England’s most breathtaking natural beauty, and the coast is never far away.

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