Micheldever Wood

Micheldever Wood

When you head to a woodland like Micheldever Wood, where ancient beech trees reach up into the sky, you know autumn is going to bring a beauty and peace that's hard to replicate.

Dreaming of autumn

Waking up on an October morning with the sky a cold blue, there's a bite to the wind that you know is going to leave you rosy-cheeked.

An adventure calls, so you wrap up in your warmest clothes and there’s only one place in your mind - Micheldever Woods.

Irresistible pathways ask to be explored at the Hampshire woodland, covered in red and gold crispy blankets, waiting for wandering feet to cut through like mini ploughs after a snowfall.

As you journey back home, just the idea of hot chocolate simmering on the stove begins to warm you up. Then it’s just a matter of time before you’ve got a cup wrapped in your hands and the soft, sweet smell of cocoa is drifting through the whole house.

A display of spring

Throughout the year as the seasons change, the wood changes with them – new delights popping up and giving every adventure a slightly different backdrop.

In summer, when the beech trees cover the whole place in shade, shadows cast down from the treetops dance across the pathways.

When spring comes along, one of the greatest spectacles in nature arrives, the bluebells begin to emerge.

The little flowers cover the ground, winding around tree trunks and up hillsides, lighting up the wood. Year after year, they never fail to leave you speechless: stood in silent wonder, admiring their natural beauty.

How’s a return trip sound?

It’s impossible to resist the charm of Micheldever Wood, and whether it’s your first visit to the area or you’ve been wandering through the Hampshire woodland all your life, as soon as you step out of the car park and under the trees, you know you're in for one remarkable adventure.

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