Mildenhall Warren

Mildenhall Warren

Nature has a lovely way of welcoming you back.

Even if you’ve never been to Mildenhall Warren in Suffolk before, as soon as you step foot into the surrounding woodland, there’s an incredible feeling of being back in the comforts of home.

Welcoming all adventurers

Mildenhall Warren and the surrounding Thetford Forest Park is the perfect destination for all adventurers.

Sometimes everyone needs to escape, to spend some time by themselves and Mildenhall seems to understand that, leaving long stretches of woodland undisturbed for you and your thoughts to wander down.

On other days, the wood calls to those seeking a family day out of exploration. Trails winding their way into the distance and open sections covered in grass invite small, energy-filled little legs to get running.

Mildenhall Warren Lodge

It’s a great spot for anyone interested in photography as well. And taking the camera, searching for that perfect shot, you start to see the forest in a completely new way.

Things you might’ve passed by now take on a life of their own. Leaves become intricate networks of veins and colours, trees become frames for the wildlife behind them, the whole forest takes on a unique other life.

And then suddenly you’ll spot the old stones of the warren lodge off in the distance - another perfect opportunity to test those camera skills.

The lodge itself dates back around 700 years and was brought back to life when restorations began in the early 2000s to fit the building with a new roof.

It’s a reminder of what life would’ve been like all those centuries ago, when people would’ve relied on the forests of Britain for much of their livelihoods.

Mildenhall Museum

You might want to keep an eye out on your adventures around the area - a horde of Roman treasure was found only a few miles away in the nearby village of West Row in the 1940s.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee you’ll find such luck on your travels at Mildenhall. But you can see what the treasure looked like and discover much more about the area at Mildenhall Museum.

It's a great way to round off your day before heading back home.

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