Milford Waterfront

Milford Waterfront

Watching the waves go by

There’s something about being by the sea that never fails to bring a tidal wave of peace.

The salty freshness of the open waters sweep in over the land and every deep breath is filled with promises of sitting down to a bag of chips in one hand and an ice cream in the other, dripping down between your fingers.

But when you head to Milford Waterfront on the south coast of Wales, you’ll be delighted to discover the quintessential atmosphere of any seaside town, but with a little extra dash of modernity to keep things all that more exciting.

To the seaside!

Sometimes traditions are there for a reason, and truly we don’t think fish and chips by the seaside will ever grow old.

Sit down at Martha’s Vineyard, a family-run restaurant and bar, and take your time scanning over the menu. You can’t go wrong with fish, chips, and mushy peas - but if you’re feeling like swapping things up slightly, why not give the Seafood Chowder a go?

Or go completely rouge and head to The Green Genie. It’s a completely vegetarian and vegan restaurant but is really an oasis for any food lover.

Time to get exploring

Okay. So by now, you’ve undoubtedly filled up on some incredible food. Time for a little stroll, don’t you think?

Whether it’s a quick scenic tour of the waterfront and marina or you’re after something lengthier, you’ll find it in and around Milford Waterfront.

Although the walk around the marina is only a mile or so, we’d recommend sparing the whole afternoon for the trip. Along the way, the enticing shopfronts will inevitably steal your attention and draw you in for a quick browse.

From art galleries to boutique shops, you’re bound to find something you can’t leave Milford Haven without, or even better – an incredible gift for someone you love.

An evening of luxury

Once your explorations come to an end and the afternoon runs into the evening, perhaps a round of bowling is on the cards at Phoenix Bowl, or sitting back and watching a film at the Torch Theatre?

Whatever you choose, be sure to leave some of the evening free so you can take a trip back to the waterfront and enjoy a few cocktails at Coco’s.

Ending your adventure with a minty Mojito tantalizing your tastebuds or a vibrant Pornstar Martini bringing the night to a close sounds pretty hard to beat in our books.

The only way is to find out for yourself.

Milford Waterfront
Milford Haven
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