Monopoly Lifesized - Luxury Board

Monopoly Lifesized - Luxury Board

Monopoly Lifesized

Available to 31 March 2024
What else is on at Monopoly Lifesized?

Get a taste of the finer things in life with the Luxury Board!

You may not always be on the receiving end of the riches – perhaps you’re working in the Monopoly Starred Kitchen in Bow Street, or trying to talk your way into First Class at Waterloo – but sometimes you’ll be bidding for art from the auction house on Bond Street, or winning big at the casinos of Coventry Street. Hustle your way through a stealth-based challenge rooms for your chance to put on the glitz! Do you dare attempt the laser challenge?

Book your tickets to the Monopoly Lifesized Luxury board today, or take a look at the City, Classic and Classic: Own It All games

3 Fountain Square,
London SW1V 4BJ
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