Montgomery Castle

Montgomery Castle

Explore picture-perfect scenery at Montgomery Castle

As you make your way through the lush green landscapes that surround this gripping landmark, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported back to the 11th-century when the castle was built.

Park the car and take an easy pace over the bridge to get closer to the castle’s distinguished ruins.

The peaceful atmosphere is inviting, and the stunning views overlooking the town and miles of idyllic country fields will set the tone for a calm, quiet experience discovering this precious gem of Welsh history.

What happened at Montgomery Castle?

Located in the town of Montgomery on the Welsh border, the castle was built by Henry III in 1223 replacing the wooden Hen Domen fort.

It’s thought the castle was built to protect central Wales from the rising power of Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, or Llywelyn the Great.

Montgomery Castle even survived three notable attacks to stay standing for centuries: two by Llywelyn in 1228 and 1231, and one by Dafydd, Llywelyn’s son in 1245.

Its demise came in 1649 when it was demolished during the Civil War, leaving just the ruins you'll see on your trip.

Finish the day with a cosy picnic

If the sun is shining, take out the picnic blanket and a selection of delicious homemade sandwiches as you set up looking over at this glorious castle.

Perhaps you’ll want to roll out the blanket by the town walls? Thought to be built at the same time as the castle, it’s the perfect way to reflect on the astonishing history you’ve just experienced, and really immerse yourself in the notable events that took place here.

For those cloudy days, The Dragon hotel is just a four-minute walk away in Montgomery’s Town Square. Find a cosy corner in their ‘Dragon’s Den’ as you try to decide on just one delicious lunch from their locally sourced menu. We suggest a traditional, warm casserole with a glass of wine to get snug with.

You’ll want to keep coming back to Montgomery Castle. Whether you bring friends, family, or decide a solo walking trip is needed to find some tranquility, you’ll always be inspired by the incredible ruins that have a thousand stories to tell.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures to remember a wonderful day out.

Montgomery Community Buildings Preservation Trust,
1 Black Hall Cottage,
Pool Road,

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