Moonfleet Adventure Sailing

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Discover ounces of unimaginable beauty

Take this rare opportunity to visit some of the most remarkable destinations, like Portland Harbour and Forts, Lulworth Cove, Mupe and Worbarrow Bay, Chapman’s Pool, and more.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced sailor, indulge your adventurous side by sailing the classic Tall Ship, Moonfleet, around Southern England’s stunning Jurassic Coastline.

Imagine yourself gliding your way through the thick body of water, lose yourself in the sights of the glistening sea that shines under the sun.

While cruising through Dorset there’ll be plenty of activities to do if you’d like to get stuck in. The crew will help guide you with tasks like weighing the anchor, hoisting the mainsail, and even taking the helm.

For those who would rather not get hands-on – sit back and enjoy a ride you’ll never forget!

Sail down to one of the most photographed and iconic locations… Durdle Door! On your four-hour journey of Dorset’s beautiful coastline, Durdle Door is the ideal place to halt for lunch and photographs.

Watch the water create ripples in the sea after dropping in the anchor to enjoy some mouth-watering lunch.

What is the process of arch formation? Over time, the sections of weaker rock erode, leaving the stronger rock - in this case, limestone - standing tall. This process of erosion results in a natural arch or cave.

The natural limestone arch goes deep into the ocean so if the Moonfleet sails close enough, you’ll be able to touch the spectacular door yourself.

After being surrounded by beautiful blue sights, you’ll leave feeling calm and collected. But do visit again for another amazing voyage!

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1hr - Sunset Sail Around Portland Harbour

Enjoy an amazing sunset at Portland Harbour

Available to 11 August 2024
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2hr - Portland Sea Forts, Nothe Fort and Weymouth Bay Sail Tour

Enjoy an amazing sail tour at Portland Sea Forts, Nothe Fort, and Weymouth Bay

Available to 13 October 2024
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3h - Portland Harbour and Ringstead Bay

Anchor near this wonderful stretch of The Jurassic Coastline

Available to 6 August 2024
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4h - Durdle Door: Sail and Picnic

Sail along to this stunning rock formation and drop anchor for a picnic

Available to 14 October 2024
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5h - Lulworth Cove: Sail and Picnic

Sail across Weymouth Bay and past Durdle Door to this famous and picturesque cove!

Available to 10 October 2024
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6h - Mupe or Worbarrow Bay

Anchor in Mupe or Worbarrow Bay for a picnic aboard. See Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door along the way!

Available to 2 September 2024
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1hr - Sunset Sail Around Portland Harbour,
6 Hamm Beach Rd,
Portland DT5 1DX
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