Specialising in all things odd and curious, connoisseurs of the occult and macabre – Morbitorium in South Wales is a sanctuary for any who seeks out the more unusual aspects of life.  

Whether you’re turning up for a wander around the museum, looking to purchase your very own odd artifact, or want to take part in a taxidermy class – you’ll find all your needs covered at Morbitorium.  

Not your usual day trip 

We think the best place to start is the museum.  

With a selection of oddities collected throughout the years, from taxidermy animals to witchcraft and occult items – everywhere you turn, there’s something intriguing waiting to meet you.  

Be that mummified cats, to a wall of mysterious spirit boards – a moment never goes by at Morbitorium that isn’t filled with something weird and wonderful. 

Be sure to check out the Oddities & Curious collection to make your trip even more memorable than it already is.  

‘Oddities’ covers a broad range of artifacts and objects. At one moment you’re admiring a selection of folklore figures, then you turn around and come face-to-face with a mummified heart! 

The collections are always growing, so who knows what you’ll find when you arrive? 

New piece for your collection? 

If on your tour of the museum, you were especially drawn to the taxidermy collection, you’ll be delighted to discover Morbitorium run their own classes.  

Whether it be a rat, mouse, or rabbit – after the course comes to an end, you’ll have all the knowledge and skills you need to start your own projects.  

But don’t worry if you’re not up to that just yet. You can purchase an already taxidermied animal from their shop. 

Along with the taxidermy animals on sale, Morbitorium also stock a huge collection of items, both odd and curious as you might expect.  

Be that occult cat hanging decorations and tarot cards, to Ouija boards and actual human bones – there’s no shortage of strange and unusual objects to get your hands on. 

The wonderfully weird and awesomely odd

So what will you be leaving with? Fancy casting fortunes and reading prophesises with your new tarot set? Or grabbing a new set of incense sticks to get burning when you’re back home?  

All those wonderful decisions are up to you. But don’t worry too much if you forget to pick up something you were after.  

Once you’ve discovered the odder side of life, it’s impossible to resist it for long.  

You might just find yourself back at the Morbitorium a lot sooner than you originally thought.  

5 Gelli-Unig Place,
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