Moreton Forest

Moreton Forest

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Replace those brick walls for rows of trees, swap out that carpet for the crunching raw earth below your feet - it’s time to escape the city and head off for an adventure.

Let’s get started

At Moreton Forest in Dorset, you leave the modern world behind and step into the wild and wonderful realm of nature.

You’ll find the forest just under ten miles to the west of Dorchester, tucked away in the south of England where almost everywhere seems to have an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) or National Forest on their doorstep.

Coniferous trees dominate the area, stretching up tall with their needly evergreen fingers outstretched against the sky.

Ones fallen off from strong winds or old age have settled on the trails, creating a pillowy bounce to every step you take.

Exploring with the doggo

Bring the dog along for the adventure and let them burn some energy off. Just make sure you keep them on a lead, so they don’t scare the livestock grazing the area.

There’s something truly special about exploring with just you and your four-legged friend. They’re super happy from the moment you pull out their lead to the time you’re putting it back again.

You don’t get much happier than a dog on a walk really, do you?

Explore with family or friends and wander the forest trails in the pleasure of company.

Or head out solo and take some time to be alone, listen to the small sounds of the forest and take your time absorbing everything from the fresh air to the wildlife darting through the treetops.

However you say it… they’re delicious

There really isn’t a wrong way to explore Moreton Forest.

And once you’re done, how about taking a trip The Walled Garden in the village nearby?

End the day sitting in the cafe with a drink in one hand and a scone topped with lavish amounts of clotted cream and jam in the other. Adventuring is hungry work.

Head home full of good food and your wanderlust needs met for the day - now that’s a hard combo to turn down.

Moreton Forest,

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