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When you arrive at the Victorian cotton mill where moviESCAPE has set up shop, the atmosphere immediately begins to fill you with excited anticipation. 

But when you’re inside and the countdown begins, it takes you to a whole new level. 

Been practicing your spells?

If this is your first experience with escape rooms, there’s no better place to start than Merlin’s Magic Academy. 

Your job is to discover the mythical beast hiding within, only then and then alone can you graduate as Master Wizards and Witches.

Magic folk at moviESCAPE come in all ages, so bring the youngsters along for an extra helping hand and plenty of laughs to match. 

A wonderfully frightful night

But something a little spookier lies in wait if you’re up for an evening of jumpy thrills! 

The Haunted House II: Demon’s Curse combines ancient curses, mysterious disappearances, and portals from other worlds in just an hour of game time. 

You might think you’re safe, but that’s only what they want you to believe!

And that’s not where the scares end. Fan of the Saw franchise? In Sawtopsy, you’ll have to discover the killer hiding in your midst before escaping your basement prison. 

But if scares aren’t your thing – when the Christmas season rolls around – Santa’s Cabin comes to town. 

You’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for you there, though; all is not yet revealed. But who doesn’t love a Christmas surprise? 

A personalised experience 

Whether you’re looking for some Friday fright night fun with friends, or a family activity to keep everyone entertained for a few hours – you’ve found it. 

Some of the features in the rooms can be altered if you’re worried about accessibility or something specific. Just speak with your game host when you arrive and they’ll help you out. 

So, what will it be? Into the haunted house and laying the curse to rest? Or off into the world of witchcraft and wizardry where a mystical beast awaits? 

That wonderful decision is up to you!

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Haunted House II: Demon's Curse - moviESCAPE Stockport - Best Price Tickets

Haunted House II is the terrifying horror-themed escape room at MoviESCAPE Stockport. Will you make it out? Or will you succumb to the Demon's Curse?

26 April 2023 - 14 January 2024
Welkin Mill,
Welkin Rd,
  • Free Parking
  • Toilets 
  • Lockers
  • Café

People also ask: 

Are the moviESCAPE rooms dark?

  • The Haunted House game does get dark at times, but it's all part of the experience! The SAWtopsy game is dimly lit but never completely dark. The Merlin's Magic Academy game is dimly lit in areas but candles (though sadly not real ones!) are provided.

Are the moviESCAPE rooms cold?

  • All rooms are approximately the same temperature as the lobby. Due to the nature of Welkin Mill, not much sunlight penetrates. This means it is nice and cool in the summer but in winter you may wish to bring a jacket as you might be slightly chilly. Rooms will be heated if they are excessively cold.

Are the moviESCAPE rooms scary?

  • The Haunted House game does feature jump scares and special effects. SAWtopsy is a gory and ominous room but does not feature any jump scares. None of the other rooms are designed to be scary, although some may feature realistic animal/insect props. 

Are the moviESCAPE rooms difficult?

  • Game hosts will provide as much or as little help as you like - this is your game. Every room can be played by escape room experts or complete novices!

How long are the games a moviESCAPE?

  • You are given a maximum of 60 minutes in the room, however you may escape in less than the designated time. Your time spent at the venue will be slightly longer due to a briefing prior to the game, and photo opportunity afterwards.

Is moviESCAPE suitable for kids?

  • Merlin's Magic Academy game is a family-friendly room. These rooms have an advisory age limit of 8. Haunted House II: Demon's Curse features jump scares and SAWtopsy features gore. For this reason there is an advisory age limit of 12 and we wouldn't suggest the Haunted House for children who are easily scared.
  • You may choose to bring a child younger than 12 if you wish, but this is at the parent or guardian's discretion. Our experiences are designed for players of the stated advisory age limit.
  • There is no charge for children aged five and under, however they must have a (free) ticket and must be included in the total number of players.
  • Children under the age of 12 can play as part of a family group as long as there is an adult aged 18 or over present (inside the escape room) who will take parental responsibility.
  • Children aged 12-16 can go into the escape room on their own but an adult aged 18 or over with parental responsibility must remain present inside the venue at all times.

Can I take food and drink into the moviESCAPE rooms? 

  • Food is not permitted to be consumed within the escape rooms. You can take a drink in a sealed container but please be careful not to spill it.

Is there a café at moviESCAPE?

  • The Escape Lounge in the main reception area serves a selection of snacks and drinks including premium Rijo42 Coffee.

Can kids go in unaccompanied at moviESCAPE?

  • Children under the age of 12 can play as part of a family group as long as there is an adult aged 18 or over present who will take parental responsibility.
    Children aged 12-16 can go into the escape room on their own but an adult aged 18 or over with parental responsibility must remain present inside the venue at all times. 

Can I bring my pets to moviESCAPE?

  • Unfortunately, animals of any type are not allowed into the escape rooms (with the exception of registered assistance dogs for people with a disability). 

Is there a car park at moviESCAPE?

  • There is a free car park directly outside Welkin Mill. If the car park is full, there is often parking space available on Welkin Road.

Can I play at moviESCAPE if I'm claustrophobic?

  • You are never physically restrained and all doors are fitted with an emergency release button. Due to the locking mechanisms we use, in the event of a power failure, all doors will release.

Do I play with strangers at moviESCAPE?

  • No, it's only you and the other members of your group in the room.

Are the moviESCAPE games wheelchair-accessible?

  • The Haunted House II: Demon's Curse and SAWtopsy games are 90% wheelchair accessible. There are some smaller sub-rooms in which a wheelchair may not fit, however a wheelchair user could view the inside of these sub-rooms from the doorway.
  • Merlin's Magic Academy is not wheelchair-accessible at this time due to narrow passageways.