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Haunted House II: Demon's Curse - moviESCAPE Stockport - Best Price Tickets

Available to 14 January 2024

Take on this terrifying horror escape room in Haunted House 2: Demon's Curse

A long time ago, the infamous occultist Lord Crowley disappeared from within this very room nearly a hundred years ago. When a team of paranormal experts headed to this haunted house to investigate, they were never seen again. Over the years, many brave souls have entered the room, but they too vanished without a trace...

Now something even stranger is going on, and it's your job to finally uncover the truth about this sinister room. Gather your friends and be prepared for tricks, puzzles, mind games, and of course, many spooks, as you piece the story together. Will you discover the truth and be the first to return from this terrifying room? Or will the terrifying might of the Demon's Curse claim another victim? 

Take on this horrifyingly fun escape room in Stockport today!

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Welkin Mill,
Welkin Rd,

People also ask: 

How long is the game? 

  • Each game of the Haunted House II: Demon's Curse is set within a 60-minute time limit. 

How many people can play?

  • 2-8 players can play Haunted House II: Demon's Curse at one time. 

What is the age limit for this escape room? 

  • Haunted House II: Demon's Curse can be played by anyone over the age of 12. 

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