Nantgarw China Works & Museum

Nantgarw China Works & Museum

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This little white building, more akin to a cottage, is covered in lovely flowers, and sits by the bank of a picturesque canal - and if you think the exterior is beautiful, just wait till you see what they make inside!

This is Nantgarw China Works, a historic artisanal workshop that’s been making beautiful porcelain since the 19th century.

What does it take to make a perfect plate?

Nantgarw China Works rose to fame thanks to a painter and manufacturer who worked here named William Billingsley.

Born in Derby, he spent his whole life developing a new method of composing porcelain, which he eventually brought to Nantgarw in 1813.

Billingsley used a secret concoction of ingredients for this method, and his mysterious techniques led to the factory producing the finest porcelain in the entire world at one point in time.

See awe-inspiring art

The China Works have now been converted into a museum, so you can come and marvel at Billingsley’s porcelain in person. Even today, the quality of his designs is simply breathtaking.

If you have time, staff operate regular tours that’ll give you a much deeper appreciation for the blood, sweat and tears that have been poured into the porcelain crafted here.

You’ll also get the chance to check out work from artists who still create amazing ceramics at the China Works today.

A sweltering oven and a warm cup of tea

Be sure to check out the magnificent outdoor brick kiln that has been painstakingly restored to its original glory before you head home.

This massive, towering oven looks more like a castle at first glance. Its fires have been creating porcelain for centuries.

Then, after all that exploring, be sure to get a well-deserved brew in the factory’s tearoom. If you fancy, why not also grab a bit of delicious cake?

A trip to Nantgarw China Works and Museum is sure to make for a lovely and interesting day out.

Simply oozing with history, it’s staggering to see the incredible things that have been produced here throughout the generations with your own eyes.

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