National Museum Cardiff

National Museum Cardiff

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Appreciate the architecture

As you approach the museum, you’ll find your eyes glued to its endless beauty and perfection.

Take a few quick selfies with the museum in the background, so all the memories come flooding back when you revisit the pictures.

Climb up the flight of wide stone stairs, as your mind questions what paintings lie inside.

Tilt your head up and you’ll notice the towering Roman columns, giving you a glimpse of the history awaiting you.

Uncover the hidden gems

The national museum holds  many wonderful pieces that deserve plenty of attention and appreciation. So why not invest a fraction of your time giving them the focus they deserve?

The entirety of the first floor is filled with national art collections, which are dedicated to Wales itself!

Are you nuts about paintings?

If you’re well cultured in art or just love to marvel at the talent of wonderful artists, you’ll have a field day in the gallery. You’ll find masterpieces created by extremely well-known artists, like Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

Let’s not forget our very own Welsh artists like Richard Wilson and Gwen John, whose paintings hang proudly on the museum’s walls.

Love a bit of science?

Journey through space, as you witness real meteorites and moonrock, in the Evolution of Wales gallery.

Why let the adventure end there?

Travel back in time, letting the kids take in the enormity of dinosaurs and woolly mammoths.

Capture an image of your little one standing arms spread, near the whale skeleton, comparing their size to the huge sea creatures. You can just imagine a million questions popping into their little inquisitive heads.

You’ll leave this glorious museum in awe and itching for more.  

Cathays Park,
South Glamorgan CF10 3NP
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