Easter Folklore with Icy Sedgwick

Easter Folklore with Icy Sedgwick

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Explore Easter folklore

When you hear the word "Easter" several things come to mind right? Decorating the eggs and hiding them around. Then there's the religious meaning of Easter as ideas of Jesus and ancient pagan deities come to mind. 

And you can't forget the snacks! The scrumptious hot cross buns or the chocolate eggs and bunnies make the holiday hard to forget.

The entire holiday has become something of a mishmash of all these things: there are sombre and deep overtones for the religious, and fun treats for both them and the secular. It's similar to Christmas or Halloween in its multitude of meanings.

But how did all of these things come to be associated with a Christian festival to start with? All questions like this one will be answered in this talk which explores the origins and folklore behind the holiday of Easter. Including its links with eggs, bunnies, bonnets and more!

Your curious mind will be pleased by the talk hosted by host of the Fabulous Folklore podcast, Icy Sedgwick, which investigates European folklore and its appearances in popular culture. However Sedgwick does more than just this; in case she ever tires of research, Icy also writes dark fantasy Gothic horror fiction.

Duration: 1 hour

Date: 15th April 2022

The Black Gate,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
Tyne and Wear

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