The Princess Bride (1987)

Newcastle Castle

Available to 20 May 2022
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A fairy tale film

Take a visit to the Castle Keep for the first film night of many!

When a young boy falls ill, his grandfather pops round to visit him. To cheer his grandson up, Grandpa has brought a storybook; The Princess Bride.

Watch the fairy tale adventure unfold about a beautiful young woman separated from her one true love as he struggles to find and save her.

Based on the 1937 novel of the same name written by William Goldman, the film follows a farmhand named Westley, accompanied by companions befriended along the way, who must rescue his true love Princess Buttercup from the odious Prince Humperdinck.

Will Humperdinck's evil plans come to fruition? And, more importantly, will Grandpa be able to tell the story without any of the "yucky kissing"?

Good to know:

This film is 1 Hour 38 minutes and held on the 20th of May

Doors open - 18.00
Film Start - 18.30

Newcastle Castle,
The Castle Keep,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
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