Newport Castle

Newport Castle

Surrounded by modern-day life is a symbol of Welsh history

Newport Castle is unique in its location and what it can offer for a fun-filled, educational day out. Whether you come with the kids or a group of friends, you’ll immediately feel as if you’re a part of history.

This is just one of 600 castles standing in Wales - more than anywhere else in the world.

Luckily, it’s not difficult to find Newport Castle along the River Usk. It’s centrally located in the bustling city centre, just a seven-minute stroll from the train station if you’re planning on leaving the car at home.

Open all year round, you can plan your visit for whenever is most convenient for you.

Enjoy the wander as you walk up to the castle, a truly magnificent jewel and outstanding fixture in Newport’s history. You’ll instantly be mesmerised by its grand stature as it sits on the water, and the two towers marking the north and south ends.

What happened to Newport Castle?

It’s thought Newport Castle was built by Hugh de Audley or his son-in-law, Ralph de Stafford, in the 14th-century, replacing a motte-and-bailey castle in the Stow Hill part of the city.

After the Battle of Bryn Glas in 1402, Welsh forces under Rhys Gethin came to South Wales and seized Newport Castle, along with fortifications in nearby Usk and Caerleon.

In 1521, Newport Castle was taken into Crown ownership and left neglected, even after a Royalist garrison was issued during the Second English Civil War in 1648.

Carry on stepping back in time

The city is steep in history. As you leave the castle, you’ll see how Newport has kept a lot of its originality even within 21st-century daily life.

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Newport Castle is a place you’ll likely want to revisit many times. Even though it’s nestled within the modern-day necessities, you’ll instantly be transported to another world where you feel you’re experiencing history firsthand.