Nightingale Wood

Nightingale Wood

Just outside Swindon, escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world with a trip to Nightingale Wood.

If you've not been in the area for a while, you might not recognise this place: that’s because this forest was only planted in the 1990s, so the lovely trees here aren’t as ancient as you might expect.

Despite its young age, it's quickly become a favourite retreat for the local wildlife, especially the many species of native birds who live around here (hence the name!).

An im-peck-able forest

Nightingale Wood has loads to see and do. Bring a packed lunch and stop at the picnic area for a bite to eat in this lovely setting, or set the kids loose in the play area.

But there’s one thing Nightingale Wood is especially brilliant for - wildlife watching!

Birdwatchers will be in their element here thanks to the many species of feathered friends that call this place home, and you’ll also find a bird hide by the brook where you can look out for them.

Relaxing in the peaceful surroundings while you birdwatch here really is the perfect way to unwind and escape for a while. There are other kinds of wildlife living in the forest too: on the Heron Walk, there’s a chance you might even see roe deer or foxes!

Walks you’ll be raven about

There are three walks to discover in Nightingale Wood.

The longest of the three is the Heron Walk and the shortest is Nightingale Walk, with the Kestrel walk being a nice distance in between the two. If you’re lucky, along your way you might spot skylarks or yellowhammers in the warmer months, or redwings and fieldfares during the winter.

What’s even better is that all of these trails are easy access, meaning there’s plenty of benches along the way, and buggies or wheelchairs will have no issue getting around. You’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor adventure without a care in the world.

An owl-some day out

Nightingale Forest might be new, but that certainly doesn’t stop it from being a fantastic place to spend a day out.

There are 128 acres of land to explore, and with so many wonderful critters to see and fun things you can do, it’s an ideal place to visit for families and couples, or even just by yourself.

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