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We’ve all spent lost moments daydreaming up into the sky, imagining what it would be like to fly.  

Whether it was inspired by watching a red kite float above you on open wings, or a magpie darting into your back garden only to flutter away moments later – a bird in flight is a mesmerising sight.  

Walking with wildlife

But so often, as you’re just beginning to get a good look at them, that happens to be the moment they fly away. At North East Falconry, it’s the opposite. 

On the one-hour Hawkwalk, you’ll get to stroll through a serene woodland, in the company of all the usual suspects – but also with a few special guests joining them.  

With an expert bird handler walking with you, hawks will be set free to wind their way between the trees and glide above the canopy.  

Unless you’re living out in the countryside or wilder parts of the UK, it’s not every day you get to watch a bird of prey in action.  

Only around a 20-minute drive outside the centre of Newcastle, North East Falconry gives everyone the opportunity to witness these fascinating animals. 

A meet and greet up close

The sky won’t be the only place you get to check out the hawks though. Adorned with a thick, specialised glove – the birds will come and greet you face-to-face along the walk.  

They come sweeping down out of the sky and land as casually as you like right onto your arm.  

Seeing one of these birds up close, their piercing eyes alert to every movement in the vicinity, is astonishing.  

You can see the outline of every feather, how different shades fade into the next, their beak and claws bright against the more neutral tones of their plumage. 

Thought about looking after your own bird of prey?

If you’re headed out on the Extended Falconry Experience, then after your walk you’ll get to handle some of the other birds North East Falconry takes care of – including owls and falcons! 

When an owl turns to face you, with those big, wistful eyes staring out – it’s a moment like no other. 

Been thinking about caring for your own bird of prey? North East Falconry’s Introduction to Falconry experience will give you all the information, knowledge, and skills you need to know before they arrive. 

It’s not often you get to see these incredible creatures in the flesh. And after your visit to North East Falconry, whether it be a pigeon you spot in the distance, or a bird of prey circling – you’ll be reminded of that time a hawk came swooping down and landed on your arm.  

And that’s one very cool memory if you ask us. 

Introduction to Falconry - North East Falconry

Thinking about getting your own bird? Book this intro course here!

Available to 31 December 9999

Hawkwalk & Bird Handling - North East Falconry

Spend an hour walking through woodland watching hawks flying free, and then handle hawks, falcons and owls to complete the experience

Available to 31 December 9999

Private Hawkwalk Experience - North East Falconry

The perfect one-on-one time to learn as much as you can from the professionals and watch the hawks in your own little peace-bubble

Available to 31 December 9999
Tyne & Wear NE40 3JB
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  • Free parking
  • Wheelchair-friendly path available on request so ask a member of the team when you're there