Nunney Castle

Nunney Castle

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Stories of castles usually begin with medieval tales of kings and queens roaming the land. But in the village of Nunney, that takes an unexpected turn.

Knights were usually too busy fighting in wars and guarding nobles to have time to watch over their own castle.

But with those days in his rear-view, Sir John de la Mare came along to Nunney in Somerset and decided it was time he owned one himself.

A castle still standing

Usually, to picture what ruins and old buildings looked like in their prime, you have to let your imagination do most of the work.

But as soon as you lay your eyes on Nunney Castle, you suddenly realise there are some exceptions.

The land the castle sits on seems to float at the centre of the water-filled moat, like a lily pad on a pond.

If a bird came along and decided to sit on its walls for a moment, you’d be convinced the balance would tip and the castle would be lost below the water forever.

A glimpse into a time long ago

Standing on the moat’s edge, take a second to really absorb what an astonishing relic of the past the castle is.

Its huge towers stretch up into the sky, the north and south walls standing between them, watching over the village for over 600 years.

The entrance doorway tucked between the two huge towers seems tiny, like a mouse hole in the middle of a large wall.

It stands directly in line with the bridge over the moat, inviting you to take your adventure inside.

Crumbling stone walls immediately climb above you like giant cliffs, where time and weather have slowly chipped away.

Wander into one of the towers and stare up into the perfect circle of framed sky above.

When the streets come alive

Be on the watch for the Nunney Street Fayre arriving at the village on the first Saturday in August.

It’s a local highlight every year and if you’re coming in from further afield, you’ll be met by warm smiles and open arms.

The stalls can change every year, but you can be sure you’re going to find some of the tastiest food and drink, wonderful unique items, and have a backdrop of some fine music accompanying you all the way.

After your first visit to the fayre, you’re sure to be returning to the village at least once a year.

But there’s also something captivating about having the castle to yourself in mid-winter, when the cold weather keeps the crowds at bay.

The adventure is there, the castle awaits, are you ready?

Nunney Castle,
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