Nympsfield Long Barrow

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Even though over 4000 years have come and gone, Nympsfield Long Barrow in Gloucestershire reminds us that in some ways, we really haven’t changed much at all.

A time before

Even during the Neolithic period, people have always been left in wonder at the natural beauty of the UK.

Whatever direction you’re walking towards the barrow, surrounding you are some of the most incredible views of the Cotswolds you’re likely to see.

The Severn Valley falls away on both sides, hilltops clad in blankets of deep green treetops rise above, only broken by expansive fields and hedgerows stretching away towards the horizon.

Before you jump into the past

It’s somehow both obvious and indescribable why people would make this area so important to their lives.

Nature somehow seems to do that; it fills you up with a feeling of awe and warmth that you can’t exactly explain. 

But really you don’t have to. Simply stand there while the wind sweeps over your skin and the clouds roll over the land, their shadows creeping closer and closer.

Journey to a time long ago

When the views finally release you from their spell, it’s time to get exploring the past.

From both sides, Nympsfield Long Barrow seems like simply two mounds of earth.

But when you get closer, out of the grassland that surrounds it, stone tops begin to emerge.

Excavations during the 20th-century revealed evidence of 13 human skeletons at the barrow, supporting the idea it was the burial site for the local community.

At some point during its long life, the barrow lost its roof and is now open to the sky above. Perhaps the spirits wandering within started getting a little stuffy and fancied cloud watching for a while.

Woodchester Park

The barrow stands guard above a section of The Cotswold Way National Trail, watching adventurers wander by for years now.

If you’re up for extending your trip in the area, why not hop on and cover a larger section of the trail?

Or head just across the road and explore Woodchester Park.

You could stop by the Park Play Trail and let the kids go wild before taking a stroll around the gardens.

Round the day off with a trip to the café and sip on a cappuccino while you lose yourself in thoughts of the day.

Welcoming you back time and time again

The Cotswolds are deservedly known for their idyllic streets and picturesque villages, but now you’ve discovered the area’s other side as well.

Just one more reason to head back the first chance you get.

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