Ocean Adventurers

Ocean Adventurers

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To be a kid is to let your imagination run wild, to explore and discover, to be curious for the sake of curiosity.

And as many of you grown-ups out there may have realised, to be a kid is also to have unfailing energy levels that seem to have no end.

The wonders of soft play

That’s where a trip to Ocean Adventurers comes in hand. The indoor soft play centre in Cheddar, Somerset, offers your little ones the opportunity to burn off some of that energy and satisfy their curiosities in the same place.

Days spent at soft play centres have a special place in many of our hearts. Memories of diving into ball pits and tackling obstacle courses come to mind, and with them, the blissful times of our youth.

So, imagine now that you get to be the person to fill your little ones with that excitement.

If they’ve ever been to Ocean Adventurers before, just the knowledge that they’re heading back is enough to have them bouncing with joy.

And if they’ve never been, well, on their first step into the centre, all you have to do is look at the big smile stretched across their face to know what a wise decision you’ve made.

Welcome to tiny town

The whole time they’re at Ocean Adventures, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find that same smile plastered across their faces.

From zooming down slides to climbing over obstacles, balancing over bridges and waving wildly at you from behind the mesh netting – it’s almost as much fun watching them as it would be to have a go yourself… almost.

But first, maybe they’ll decide to have a wander through the miniature town at Ocean Adventurers.

With its very own doctors, vets and ice cream parlour (just to name a few), they’ll get to play with other kids as they let their imaginations run free.

Making SEND accessibility a priority

Ocean Adventurers was specifically built to be accessible for children of all abilities. In term time, they run SEND sessions for children with special needs.

Capacity is reduced to ensure they have more space – the lights can also be dimmed, and music turned down if you request it.

After all that excitement and running around, we’re sure some little mouths will be quite peckish. From foot-long subs to pancakes topped with banana and chocolate sauce - you can order all sorts of delicious treats straight to your table.

Seeing as though you’re treating the kids to a wonderful day out, you’ve also got to treat yourself, right?

Yep, we agree.

Ocean Adventurers Ltd,
Unit 11,
Cheddar Business Park,
Wedmore Road,
BS27 3EB

Paid parking, Toilets, Café