Old Beaupre Castle

Old Beaupre Castle

Despite its name, Old Beaupre Castle isn't actually a castle, but is in fact a medieval house.

The Grade I listed building held no military purpose but instead served as a very impressive family home.

Originally built in 1300, the house was remodelled by Sir Rice Mansell in the 16th-century. It was finished by William Bassett and the Bassett family who lived here until the English Civil War when their fortunes declined and the castle was left to ruin.

What remains for you to explore is a well-preserved three-storey gatehouse as well as the beautiful renaissance porch.

Journey through the countryside

To get to Old Beaupre Castle, you'll have to walk across a few fields after you've parked the car. We recommend wearing comfy shoes for the ten-minute walk along the footpath.

We're sure you'll love the views of the luscious fields surrounding the area, so why not bring a picnic to tuck into along the way? Open up a flask of coffee and sit down, taking in the views and enjoying the sounds of the countryside.

Look out for the smaller details

When you walk through the arched entrance, a sense of curiosity will take over, as you instantly try to imagine what the house would once have looked like.

See if you can spot the very faint initials of Richard and Catherine Bassett who built it, as well as the family motto ‘Better death than dishonour’. Although no floors or ceilings remain, it's still easy to spot the very grand fireplace which has impressive carving details above it.

The Bassett family had quite a reputation and many disputes with their neighbours ended in violence, so they built themselves a gatehouse that included a parapet walk along the top.

It’s been restored, so be sure to climb to the top and enjoy the breathtaking views, which once would have been home to riverside gardens.

Nearby places to explore

Old Beaupre Castle is only a ten-minute drive to the lovely town of Cowbridge. With lots of shops and places to eat, we're sure you can round off a day of exploring here.

If you're looking for a country pub to enjoy a yummy meal in, head to The Bear - they're passionate about using local Welsh produce to create rustic, fresh, and delicious meals. If the sun's out, why not sit outside in the beer garden and enjoy the glorious weather?

We're sure you'll enjoy exploring Old Beaupre Castle. Maybe you'll even feel inspired to visit more Cadw sites and continue learning about Wales’ fascinating history.

Old Beaupre Castle,
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