1 Hour Bay Discovery - Orca Sea Safaris

1 Hour Bay Discovery - Orca Sea Safaris

Orca Sea Safaris

Available to 17 July 2024

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What else is on at Orca Sea Safaris?

Get tickets for an amazing 1 hour boat trip on the beautiful Falmouth Coast

This shorter version of the 2 hour coastal explorer is perfect for a quick explore with your little ones! The 1 Hour Bay Discovery is an excellent way to get out on the water for a taster of the beautiful area and all the wildlife it has to offer.

Although you won't cover as much distance as the 2 Hour trips, it allows you to explore the beautiful waters closer to the shore!

What to expect:

  • The beauty of the safaris is that they do not follow a set route. The team make a decision on where to go based on tides, previous sightings and reports from our network fishermen and other operators to give the best chance of finding the wildlife!
  • The team of experts will guide around the beautiful coast line!
  • Expect to see Bottlenose Dolphins
  • Basking Sharks 
  • And Harbour porpoises love the shallower waters!

Get tickets here for an amazing day out with Orca Sea Safaris, have your tickets delivered instantly via email and SMS!

36 Arwenack Street,
Cornwall TR11 3JF
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How To Find Us

Location: North Quay, Falmouth TR11 3HH

Orca Sea Safaris are located at the top of Falmouth Haven Marina, directly next to Custom House Quay. (w3w Location ///small.remind.full)

We recommend that you park in 'The Dell' long stay car park which is a 5 minute walk from the company departure point.

  • Life jackets 

Please wrap up warm and bring your own waterproof gear.
We also recommend bringing your cameras, binoculars, food & Drink.

Absolutely! At Orca Sea Safaris, your safari adventure is not only about exhilarating encounters with marine life but is also framed by their unwavering commitment to your safety.

Step aboard the vessels, knowing that every aspect of your journey has been meticulously designed and executed with the highest standards of boat and passenger safety in mind.

Orca Sea Safari's prioritize safety in every aspect of their operation, adhering to stringent protocols, and employing state-of-the-art practices to ensure the well-being of all onboard.

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