Other Palace

Other Palace

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Step away from the crowded pavements of the West End and take sanctuary in the peaceful neighbourhood of what was formerly known as the St James Theatre.

It offers an intimate 312 seat theatre and a 100 seat studio to bring you up-and-close with your entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, the productions and shows held at the Other Palace and Other Palace Studio form a diverse programme. One day you could be getting in the groove of music or a musical, the next laughing at a comedy show.

Even though it is a young venue, it has a lot of character. You won't be seeing works of art just within the studio. The building itself was creatively designed by Foster Wilson Architects and it features a sculptured staircase designed by international award winning artist designer, Mark Humphrey.

The staircase itself was crafted in Pietra Santa, by Porcelli Marmi, where Michelangelo carved David, the work of art staircase celebrates the best of British design alongside Italian craftsmanship.

When you are done admiring the venue, you'll have a chance to enjoy some fine wines, cocktails and delicious food available at the brasserie and lobby bar to complete your visit.

KAREN - Tickets on Sale

KAREN is the outrageous and chaotic new comedy at The Other Palace for 2024, a fourth wall breaking journey of passion, pain, and office pandemonium

Available from 19 March 2024 to 24 March 2024 Westminster
Heathers the Musical,
12 Palace Street,

Toilet, Bar, Brasserie