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Available to 14 July 2024

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Get your tickets to Babies, the new musical at The Other Palace

“The year above got pregnant so we’re doing this instead!”

Summer is done. Year 11 is here. Being a child is out. Being a grown up is in. Time for more parties, more responsibility and, oh yeah… becoming a parent to a plastic robot baby simulator.

After a rise in pregnancies among the year above, the school’s sex education department are compelled to take action. Fuelled by a blistering pop-rock score, Babies follows nine classmates as they take on their most important school project yet: keeping a fake baby alive for an entire week. As the pressures of teenage life collide with the demands of parenting, the students are forced to ask themselves: what is it I really want? who is it I really want to be?

After a sold-out West End concert series, Babies comes to The Other Palace for six weeks only!

The Other Palace,
12 Palace Street SW1E 5JA
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Babies is suitable for ages 11+

Content warnings: Strong Language, Flashing Lights, Alcohol, References to addiction.

Babies is two hours in duration. 

The cast of Babies includes:

  • Ashley Goh – Alex
  • Bradley Riches – Toby
  • Grace Towning – Cover Leah/Grace/Becky
  • Jaina Brock-Patel – Becky
  • Lauren Conroy – Jasmine
  • Lucy Carter – Lulu
  • Max Mulrenan – Ben
  • Morgan Phillips – Alternate Toby, Cover Jacob/Ben
  • Nathan Johnston – Jacob
  • Rowan Macpherson – Cover Jasmine/Alex/Lulu
  • Viola Maisey – Grace
  • Zoë Athena – Leah

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