Parc le Breos Burial Chamber

Parc le Breos Burial Chamber

A Neolithic burial chamber set within the Welsh countryside

In the beautiful and picturesque countryside of the Gower, a superb Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, lies Parc le Breos Burial Chamber.

This Neolithic chambered tomb has stood in this gorgeous spot for around 6000 years.

One of the best examples of Neolithic tombs in this part of Wales, the walk here alone is worth the trip, made better of course thanks to the wealth of history you're about to encounter.

Discovered in 1869 by workmen, it's believed the burial chamber was used for between 300 and 800 years.

Now partially restored during an excavation, it allows us to fully appreciate its history. It would once have had an earth covering, although luckily for us, it’s easier to appreciate its layout without.

History waiting to be discovered

Made up of a central passageway with two pairs of stone chambers on either side, separated by thick stone walls, you may wonder how bones from at least 40 separate people were found here (along with animal remains).

The chambers are so small, it’s believed the corpses may have been left in one of the many nearby caves until they decomposed, and the bones then moved to the tomb.

There's an information board at the site, but you may still have several questions. Why here? And what else went on in the area all these years back? It’s fascinating to think back to the events that happened here all those years ago.

Even more to explore

You’ll find the burial chamber inside a gorgeous woodland walk, where depending on the time of year, you may see garlic or bluebells covering your path - it's as beautiful as it sounds. You could easily spend a whole day walking in the area.

Bring a picnic and enjoy the peaceful countryside or head to Swansea for a yummy meal after your day exploring.

If you enjoy learning about Wales’ fascinating history, Parc le Breos Burial Chamber is one not to miss!

West Glamorgan,
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