Parkhurst Forest

Parkhurst Forest

Take on a wonderful adventure at Parkhurst Forest

Soak in the positive and relaxing energy from this ancient woodland as you take on one of the stunning walking trails, observing the small birds living in their hollows.

If the weather's fine, kick a ball around with the kids, playing a friendly game of footie.

Be sure to pick a spot under a big tree to spread the picnic blanket, admiring the adorable red squirrels going about their day. You'll feel relaxed lying on the grass, closing your eyes for a few moments as you connect with nature.

The sound of small, colourful warbler birds singing a high-pitched tune will be your company for this precious moment.

Dig out some of your favourite homemade treats and a delicious Greek salad as you all take in the wonderful surroundings.

Keen to take up horse riding?

Parkhurst Forest offers picturesque trails for you and your horse to bask in the beauty, whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner.

Find out how to gain a permit and discover magnificent scenery by contacting the charitable trust, TROT. It's a perfect way to take up a new, fun hobby and make lifelong friends.

You'll create new memories with good friends, whether it's the daring challenge of horse riding or a leisurely stroll through the scenic woodland.

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