Paultons Park Home of Peppa Pig World

Paultons Park Home of Peppa Pig World

Sat right on the edge of the New Forest, Paultons Park has been drawing in thrill-seekers looking for an exciting day out for nearly 40 years.  

And still, with the likes of Storm Chaser and The Flight of the Pterosaur waiting to spin and zoom you across the park, it’s impossible to leave without your adrenaline quota being met for the day. 

The most famous pig in the land

But Paultons Park isn’t only home to some of the most exciting rides in the UK. 

With whole areas dedicated to the little ones, a trip to the park is a great way to spend a day out with the whole family. 

Head to Peppa Pig World, where nine rides await both little feet and big alike. Float through the sky on Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride and enjoy spectacular views over the whole park.  

You get to control how fast the balloon spins, so be careful handing it over to the youngsters – you might suddenly find they can deal with spinning a lot faster than you can! 

Let them take the reins at George’s Dinosaur Adventure as they sit up-front and lead the way. But don’t worry grown-ups, you’ll be sitting close behind to keep them extra safe. 

On the highway to Route 83

Away from Peppa Pig World, you soon might find yourself transported to a 1950s American Midwest town. 

Tornado Springs is the newest arrival at Paultons Park, and the whole area is filled with incredible props and design features. 

But when you’re waiting for your turn on Storm Chaser, these fall to the back of your mind as you spot the carts carrying screaming people overhead.  

When you’re finally on it, the anticipation slowly builds as you’re pulled up high into the sky, before the track curves downwards and the ride really begins. 

Where to next?

With more Themed Worlds packed with rides suitable for all ages, it’s up to you where your adventure leads.  

Perhaps it’s into the Lost Kingdom where the Flight of the Pterosaur awaits, or a trip to Little Africa to discover the animals who’ve made the park their home? 

Wherever it is your feet take you, at some point in your adventure everyone’s going to start feeling a little peckish. 

Restaurants are dotted about throughout the entire park, with takeaway outlets available too.  

On your drive back home, with the little ones snoring away in the back seat and your cheeks aching from all the smiling, we don’t think you’d want to spend your day any other way. 

Paultons Park
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