Penmon Priory, Cross and St Seiriol's Well

Penmon Priory, Cross and St Seiriol's Well

Sense the peacefulness at three beautiful historical sites - Penmon Priory, Cross, and St Seiriol’s Well.

The pleasant priory

Wander around the remains of the Priory which mainly date from the 13th century, when it became part of the Augustinian order. These historic ruins are set against the backdrop of the beautiful Menai Strait.

Take a moment to contemplate as you enter the church which still serves the local area today.

Admire the extraordinary 10th-century cross, its pole engraved with complex patterns of frets and plaits. See if you can spot the two carved animal heads on the side.

A well of a time

Be sure to visit St Seiriol's Well which is behind Penmon Priory. Feel the calmness wash over you at this amazing location on the eastern tip of beautiful Anglesey.

Why not get up close to the Holy Well and dip your hands in the crystal clear water, which is believed to have healing powers? It springs from a cliff behind the church and was visited many times by pilgrims, looking for a cure for their illnesses.

Dating back to the 6th century, this serene spot was first inhabited by St Seiriol who used to meet St Cybi of Holyhead at a spot between the two. He's now buried nearby on Puffin Island.

The stone seats around the sides of the roofed chamber date from 1710 and offer the perfect spot for a quiet moment of reflection.

A home for pigeons and doves

Visit the 15th-century Penmon Dovecote and learn more about this residence built for birds. Once upon a time, this place was an essential source of meat and eggs.

Step inside and see the 12ft stone column, which was once used to support a revolving ladder to reach the nests lining the walls.

Constructed throughout 1600 by prominent Welsh politician Sir Richard Bulkeley, the dovecote provided room for up to 1,000 nests with a tremendous domed roof.

We're sure Penmon will offer you the most wonderful day of peace and clarity before you head back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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