Penrhos Feilw Standing Stones

Penrhos Feilw Standing Stones

The mystery of 4000-year-old stones

Stand in awe beside two stones that date back to the Bronze Age at Penrhos Feilw Standing Stones.

Hear the birds singing while the wind blows through your hair and you appreciate this peaceful moment in an ancient place.

Nobody quite knows how these impressive stones came to be here or what they were used for - it's been said they were once part of a stone circle and there was a grave in between them but no evidence of this has ever been found.

Feel the mystery as you place your hand on the cold stones - they've faced all kinds of weather and seen many generations come and go.

An ancient farm

Discover more about Welsh history when you visit Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles.

Feel the sun's warmth on your skin as you explore the remnants of a significant farming settlement that was operated for many generations.

Fall in love with the thrilling mountainside environment, with far-reaching sea views, when walking around the circular hut walls - 20 of a predicted 50 original buildings are still standing.

It's not hard to imagine what these stone-built homes would have looked like. With pointed thatched roofs on top, some of these huts still have evidence of inner divisions, storage spaces, and furniture so you can picture exactly how our ancestors would have lived.

A magnificent mountaintop spot

Make your way to Caer y Twr - an Iron Age hillfort just nine minutes' drive from Penrhos Feilw Standing Stones.

Take a look around the 17-acre enclosure before seeking out the single structure located indoors - this is the remains of a later Roman watchtower that was used as a signal station.

Enjoy the fantastic view at the top and watch the beautiful sunset with a tasty picnic.

A uniquely shaped Bronze Age stone

Looking for more standing stones to discover? Head to Ty Mawr Standing Stone - another hidden gem on Anglesey!

Hear the wind whistling over the 9ft stone which twists as though it grows upwards from the soil. This unusual rock was probably put up sometime in the Bronze Age.

Anglesey is packed with history and we're sure you'll discover even more hidden gems on a wonderful day out in the area.

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