PK Porthcurno Museum

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PK Porthcurno is one of the best museums in Cornwall, delving into the extraordinary past, present and future of telecommunications. Be sure not to miss this extraordinary family day out in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in West Cornwall today.

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Welcome to the PK Porthcurno Museum of Global Communications

Nestled on the beautiful coastline of Cornwall, PK Porthcurno, formerly known as the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum, offers a captivating journey into the history of global communications.

Step into the world of telegraphy, where undersea cables revolutionised how we connect with the world. The museum's exhibits transport you back in time, showcasing the incredible feats of engineering that allowed messages to traverse oceans and continents. 

Discover the many things to do in PK Porthcurno Museum 

Explore the history of communications at the museum, from the discovery of electricity and Morse code to the technology of the future at the PK Porthcurno. 

Porthcurno received its first cable in 1870 at the Eastern House, which was the beating heart of the Porthcurno telegraph station. Today, you can explore immersive and interactive exhibits that bring its exciting past to life for the family to enjoy. 

During the Second World War, a top secret bunker was constructed where the Allies could operate under the protection of armed guards and bomb-proof doors. Today, you can put on your hard hats and explore the bunker where the Allies could communicate in secret and discover the importance of the telegram towards the Allied victory. 

Just outside the museum  and above the sandy beaches of the Cornish coastline, you can check out the Cable Hut. Built in 1929, this modest building is where undersea telegraph cables where connected from across the world. Fitted with all of its original features, the Cable Hut is a one of a kind place that stands as an important historic site to this day.  

Enjoy one of the best things to do with the family at PK Porthcurno

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a tech aficionado, or simply seeking unique things to do on a serene coastal escape, PK Porthcurno promises an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the world-changing story of global communications while embracing the natural wonders of Cornwall's coast. It's a journey that bridges the past, present, and the boundless horizon of the future.

Cornwall TR19 6JX
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How to find us

By car:

PK Porthcurno can be found via Sat-Nav through the address: PK Porthcurno, Eastern House, Porthcurno, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 6JX

Car parks at PK Porthcurno are pay-on-exit. The parking machines accept cash and card rates. 

By bus: 

There is a regular public bus service that stops at the doorstep of PK Porthcurno. 

  • Paid parking including free public toilets
  • Ten minutes walk from the beach
  • Café PK

Dogs are welcome to the museum, making it a great day out for families with dogs. They are permitted everywhere inside the museum and at the Café PK. The only place they may not visit is at the WWII bunker. 

Yes, the main museum site of PK Porthcurno is wheelchair-accessible. The 'escape stairs' section in the WWII Bunker consist of 120 metal grid flooring stairs, for people who can not access the stairs, there is a screen at the bottom of the stairs that shows a live feed of the viewing platform. 

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