Presaddfed Burial Chamber

Presaddfed Burial Chamber

Exploring the island of Anglesey in Wales, a short trip south of the picturesque Llyn Llywenan lake will bring you to a pair of ancient tombs in a tranquil meadow.

Having stood there since the Neolithic period, Presaddfed Burial Chamber is a fascinating and striking landmark from the Stone Age.

A mysterious duo

A visit to Presaddfed Burial Chamber is sure to fill you with questions, as much about the twin tombs is unknown.

Nobody is certain whether or not these two burial chambers were both part of the same structure.

Their alignment to each other suggests there's no way they could have shared an entrance passage. But a report from the 19th-century states there were once small stones surrounding them that are no longer visible today.

From what little we know about Stone Age structures, the two chambers may have been buried under the same mound, similar to other nearby tombs like Trefignath Burial Chamber.

As you study these timeworn stones, you’ll be racking your brain trying to imagine what this tomb might have once looked like thousands of years ago, as so many others have before you.

For those interested in history or archaeology, this place is sure to fascinate you. The southern tomb is very well preserved, being held up by four intact stones, and an excavation from the 19th century less than a mile east of here found ancient cremation urns and a jet bead.

Locals still remember stories about families from centuries past who would use the tombs for shelter after they were evicted from their homes.

With so much history surrounding Presaddfed, we’re sure you’ll be filled with wonder as you explore this age-old site.

Things to see nearby

The area surrounding Presaddfed Burial Chamber is full of things to see and do.

The town of Bodedern is just a stone’s throw away, a pleasant village with an impressive medieval church and an early Christian cemetery where ancient stones have been excavated.

If you want to steer clear of civilisation, there are also plenty of campsites and caravan parks near Presaddfed as well. On your visit, be sure to stop by Llyn Llywenan further north too, the largest and most magnificent freshwater lake in Anglesey.

If you enjoy Presaddfed, there are many more Stone Age landmarks around Anglesey for you to discover. This island is truly one of the best places in all of Britain to learn about its fascinating and ancient history.

Since this site is open year-round, there’s no reason not to start planning your visit there now!

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