Puddletown Forest

Puddletown Forest

Peaceful walks and stunning landscapes

The beautiful Puddletown Forest near Dorchester is a wonderful retreat to get in touch with calming nature, creating a strong connection with the earthy scents and extraordinary wildlife.

As you walk along the scenic paths, you'll see a huge number of trees towering above your gaze.

Want to bring the dog along? They'll love spending time searching for some hidden treasures and relishing the open spaces ahead.

But we suggest keeping them on a lead – there are some interesting creatures that call Puddletown Forest their home.

Interesting and unique wildlife

Although they can be shy, the native smooth snakes may make their presence known here. You might be lucky to catch a glance from a distance as they hide under logs and stones in sunny spots.

Sand lizards are also residents of Puddletown Forest. They're fast creatures, moving up to 30mph, as they head to the sandy soils for egg-laying. With every step you take, you'll feel your breathing become much clearer with the fresh crisp of the woodland.

Cycle along the breathtaking trails

Fancy taking the bike for a ride? You'll be able to hear the soft rustle of stunning conifer trees when cycling around, which instantly boosts your mood with every pedal. The woodland can offer you a great experience.

Freedom, fresh air, beauty, and fabulous wildlife. Puddletown Forest has everything you need to feel like a new, confident person. We're sure you'll be coming back to experience more of the forest's wonderful treasures.

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