Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Clear your mind with a peaceful walk

The Queen Elizabeth Country Park in the rural landscapes of Hampshire is a gorgeous retreat to escape the day-to-day and bask in glorious nature.

Park up and jump out of the car, eager to get started as the sounds of rustling trees fill you with energy. Before setting off, pick up a cappuccino from the café to keep you going for the Long Woodland trail.

Perhaps you're here for some alone time with the woodland sounds? Switch off the mobile and feel the fresh woodland breeze brush your skin as you take the Intermediate trail, your boots crushing autumnal leaves.

Reach your fitness goals

You can also join the weekly parkrun meets every Saturday. Get ready for the trek ahead with a bottle of water and some fruity snacks, ready to burn off some adrenaline.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or training for a marathon – parkrun is open for everyone to take part in five km runs.

Maybe you're more of a keen cyclist looking for some new challenging routes? The 4.6 mile Advanced trail will put you to the test as you ride along the scenic route, with the sweet sound of birdsong to keep you motivated.

Visit again for more quality time

Bring a picnic with tasty homemade treats for all of your future visits – you'll enjoy the alfresco experience and connecting with the precious wildlife here.

Whether you decide to keep coming back for solo strolls or bring the family for a day out, the Queen Elizabeth Country Park will be your new spot for thrilling adventures.

  • Paid parking
  • Café
  • Toilets