Real Ale Trail - Bus-Based Ale Festivals

Real Ale Trail - Bus-Based Ale Festivals

Embark on one of the most unique days out for adults with the Real Ale Trail

Are you looking for unique things to do for adults? Or do you want to discover some of the best local pubs in the area without having to worry about driving? Then book your bus tickets for the Real Ale Trail in 2024!

Enjoy authentic pubs and unique real ales in this new and exciting way to visit pubs that are a little trickier to get to without a car. The Real Ale Trail runs throughout England and Wales, find a trail near you and book your tickets today!

How does the Real Ale Trail work?

Booking your tickets to the Real Ale Trail is a super quick and easy process.

  1. Pick a trail near you
  2. Select your preferred pub to start your ale trail
  3. Buy your tickets in just a few clicks
  4. Turn up at your chosen pub on the day of the trail
  5. Hop on and hop off the bus as much as you like throughout the day

In just a couple of clicks you'll have your tickets to one of the best days out for adults near you!

All you have to do from there is head to the first pub before you can sit back, relax and pick up your first pint and enjoy the journey!

Take a look at the Real Trail events 2024 and book your tickets today: 

Fonmon Rd,
Barry CF62 3DZ

How to find us

This is not the location of your chosen Real Ale Trail tour. Please find individual information about how to reach your Real Ale Trail on it's own event page. 

The Real Ale Trail lasts from 11:00am to 10:00pm. 

You can arrive at whichever bus you want between 11:00am and 10:00pm, the buses loop approximately every 40-ish minutes. 

The bus will appear outside each of the pubs on your Real Ale Trail. If you want to miss the pick-up and get the next one, you are free to do so.

The Real Ale Trail is strictly for people over the age of 24. People under 24 will not be allowed on the Ale Trail. 

Drinking on the bus is not allowed, save it for the pubs. 

Dogs are not allowed on the Real Ale Trail. 

Yes, all pubs on the Real Ale Trail are stocked as normal behind the bar. 

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