Rendlesham Forest

Rendlesham Forest

Nothing sleeps at Rendlesham Forest as every inch of the 1,500 hectares is busy with activity.

Excitement will run through everyone, especially the kids, as they discover their new favourite play area.

Watch their little hands swinging from one point to another before they whizz down the zip line - their eyes wide as they take it all in.

We all know kids never like to slow down so we're sure the tube slide will keep them occupied for hours!

Learn a new hobby

It's hard to believe the peacefulness of this magnificent forest, with the silence only broken by birds tweeting and the ringing of cyclists' bells as they take the family biking path.

You'll discover the incredible name of this path - F.I.D.O - is linked to a WWII mission - the Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation.

Once upon a time, it allowed 4200 Allied aircraft to perform a crisis landing at Woodbridge airfield.

A visit from another planet?

You can't come to Rendlesham without taking a stroll along the UFO trail. Here, you'll find another pretty home for the plants and animals when you walk around the wetlands.

But all the spots you'll pass will be linked to the famous UFO sighting of 1980 - will you see any red lights here as the RAF did all those years ago?

Don't let an empty stomach stop the entertainment

Once you've finished your mysterious climb through the forest and stopped off for a photo at the flying saucer, you're bound to be feeling peckish.

There's nothing better than supporting local businesses and you'll have the opportunity to do just that at the mobile cafe.

Hear the leaves rustling gently around you when you buy a hot coffee and delicious slice of cake from Bear Grills, a wonderful family-run business.

Play for hours

Let the challenging adventure of orienteering begin by downloading the map and finding your route through the forest.

Put your thinking hat on as you turn the compass in the direction you want to go and see if you can navigate your way between the control points.

Come back again soon

The wonderful experience you'll have in this incredible forest, listening to the relaxing sounds of nature, and breathing in the clear air will instantly improve your mood.

You'll be back again soon to see if you can find any more signs of extraterrestrial life.

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