Robin Wood

Robin Wood

Find the right activity to soothe your mind

On the outskirts of Derby, breathe in the fresh air of Robin Wood, making you feel relaxed and happy.

Hop on to a bike and you can cycle around at your leisure - see if you can spot the beautiful deer looking back at you with their gentle eyes.

The important change you'll notice will be when it's time to sleep. After feeling the sunlight on your skin and getting all your stress and worries out, you'll be heading home noticing your quality of sleep has changed for the better!

Challenge yourself to build up your confidence as you gain more cycling experience, passing by the gorgeous bluebells during the springtime and falling in love with nature as you hear the woodpeckers tapping against the trees.

Enjoy the time you take for yourself and your friendly dog as you play a game of fetch with their favourite ball and soak up the sun along the way.

You'll see the roots spreading across the ground to maintain the tall, healthy trees and you'll be doing the same thing, building strong foundations for beautiful memories in this stunning woodland.

The Woodlands,
Derby Road,
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