Rochdale Woodlands

Rochdale Woodlands

Play some fun games while walking with the kids

Put on a comfy waterproof and bring the kids' wellies as you stroll around Rochdale Woodlands, a beautiful forest nestled near River Roch.

It's a wonderful way for the kids to burn some energy by letting them run around, exploring the woodland's fascinating treasures. Imagine them hopping over sticks, splashing in puddles, and giggling the whole way!

You can also teach them about recycling at Rochdale Woodlands. Pick up some bags and see how much rubbish you can collect, helping to protect the unique wildlife such as the brightly coloured kingfishers flying above your gaze.

An open space to play and discover beautiful nature

Want to learn about what beautiful types of trees are in this woodland?

See if you and the kids can tell the difference between the coppiced willow and a mature broadleaf. If you're lucky, you may also spot some woodpeckers drumming their beaks on the tree bark.

Perhaps you'd like to bring the dog with you on an adventure? They'll be barking with excitement as they find a collection of new sticks, or run after their favourite ball for many games of fetch.

A perfect home for breathtaking wildlife

Hear the restless sound of buzzing insects and croaking frogs at Meadowfields, on the edge of the spectacular River Roch.

You'll immediately take in the earthy scents carried by the fresh breeze as you watch the water sparkling on the surface.

This remarkable woodland promises plenty of wildlife and tall, statuesque trees towering over as you trek along the scenic route.

We're sure you'll be making more trips as a family to Rochdale Woodlands to connect with the wonderful nature.

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