RockReef - HighLine

RockReef - HighLine

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Available to 5 January 2025

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RockReef's indoor HighLine is an exhilarating experience that takes place 20ft in the air.

Featuring a swinging obstacle course, it offers a variety of challenges that will put your body strength, core stability, balance, and agility to the test. The course includes Swing Logs, Free Beamer, Cross Logs, Hi-Low Steps, Cargo Net, Tunnel, and Slope Walk, among others.

Before embarking on the course, you can choose your level of challenge and difficulty. You can either let the course lead you while you sit back in your harness or rise to the challenge and push yourself to complete it in the best time possible, testing your timing and balance. If you're feeling really daring, you can even take on the course blindfolded! 

The difficulty levels are as follows, from easiest to hardest: 

  • Level 1 - Complete the course without falling off
  • Level 2 - Complete the course without holding on to your harness line
  • Level 3 - Complete the course while being connected by a sling to a fellow adventurer 
  • Level 4 - Complete the course blindfolded!

Whether you're a new thrill-seeker or a seasoned adrenaline junkie, the HighLine course promises an unforgettable adventure.

United Kingdom BH2 5AA
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  • The duration of the HighLine is 30-minutes
  • Minimum height to take part is 1.1 metres and participants must be confident at height

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