RockReef - PierZip

RockReef - PierZip

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Available to 5 January 2025

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Take a ride on the world's first pier to shore zip wire! 

Bournemouth Pier's famous PierZip is an extraordinary adventure activity that features the world's first pier-to-shore zip wire, which includes a 250-metre dual zip wire. With the dual zip line, you can enjoy the ride with friends or family in a competition on who can reach the shore first.

As you launch from the Zip Tower platform that stands 25 metres above the sea level, you'll head for a thrilling "zip surf" over the waves, covering 250 meters before you land on the beach.

This is an unparalleled experience that provides a breathtaking panoramic view of Bournemouth and its spectacular coastline.

It is a truly incredible and unique adventure that you should not miss!

United Kingdom BH2 5AA
  • Minimum Height: 1.3 metres
  • Minimum Weight: 30kg (weight limits can vary depending on weather conditions)
  • Maximum Weight: 120kg (weight limits can vary depending on weather conditions)

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