Rogate Woods

Rogate Woods

Waiting for you at Rogate Woods is an incredible cycling adventure that you can enjoy with friends or family.

Known locally as Tullecombe, this spot is ideal for mountain bikers with a dedicated area to explore on two wheels.

A great place to challenge yourself

Feel like a bird for a moment as you hover in mid-air, jumping with your bike over the steep berm and breathing in the fresh air of the woodland. 

Love a bit of a challenge? Try to stay on the berm as you feel the rush of the wind on your face, pedalling hard to pick up speed, and passing by the beautiful leaves that cover the ground around you.

You'll notice the tall trees greeting you on both sides as you take one of the most popular paths, Bottle Rocket.

Smell the earthy aroma of the forest as you twist and turn through the woodland, snaking through the stunning scenery.

Explore the surroundings on foot

If biking's not your thing, why not explore the forest on foot? Step into the deep greenery of the woods and look into the distance to spot the rolling hills and open fields of the gorgeous countryside.

A great summer escape is waiting for you here as you feel the cool breeze brushing through your hair and hear the birds dwelling in the trees, singing all around you.

If you're after somewhere to brush up on your cycling skills, Rogate Woods will be calling to you.

But even if just walking and admiring the spectacular cloud formations is more your thing, you'll find that too in this beautiful forest.

M B K Leisures,
Coloured Ponds,
GU31 5DL

Free parking