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Rose Theatre Kingston

Available to 7 January 2024

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Next Christmas, an enchanting adventure awaits. Chasing his runaway shadow, a mischievous young boy crash lands through an open window and meets a headstrong young girl not yet ready to face growing up.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust, they take flight on a whirlwind festive voyage over pirate ships, through mermaid lagoons and into the heart of Neverland. Award-winning writer Evan Placey adapts J.M. Barrie’s children’s classic in a brand-new version directed by Lucy Morrell (Beauty and the Beast).

Packed with song, dance, magic and featuring members of our talented Rose Youth Theatre, we promise to have you hooked. Booking now for Christmas 2023!

24-26 High Street,
KT1 1HL,
Kingston KT1 1HL
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People also ask :

Who wrote the musical "Peter Pan"?

The musical "Peter Pan" was written by the composer Jule Styne, the lyricist Betty Comden and Adolph Green, and the playwrights Carolyn Leigh and Mark Charlap. The musical is based on the children's novel by J.M. Barrie.

When was the musical "Peter Pan" first performed?

The musical "Peter Pan" premiered on Broadway in 1954, with Mary Martin in the lead role of Peter Pan. The original production was a huge success, and the show has been revived numerous times since then.

What are some of the popular songs from the musical "Peter Pan"?

Some of the popular songs from the musical "Peter Pan" include "I'm Flying," "I Won't Grow Up," "Never Never Land," and "Captain Hook's Waltz." These songs have become classics of musical theater and are widely recognized by audiences of all ages.

How is the character of Peter Pan portrayed in the musical?

In the musical "Peter Pan," the character of Peter is portrayed as a mischievous, adventurous boy who refuses to grow up. He is brave and fearless, but also has a childlike innocence and vulnerability. The role of Peter is traditionally played by a woman, which adds an extra layer of magic and fantasy to the character.

What is the appeal of the musical "Peter Pan"?

The musical "Peter Pan" has a timeless appeal, thanks to its fantastical setting, memorable characters, and catchy songs. The story of a boy who never grows up and his adventures in a magical world resonates with audiences of all ages, and the themes of childhood, imagination, and the importance of family and friendship continue to resonate today.

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