Sadler's Wells

Sadler's Wells

The first glimpse of the red curtains

The red curtains drape from the ceiling, hiding the stage from view. Excited chatter fills the theatre, creating the indescribable, collective noise of people waiting for the main event.

Shuffling feet and whispering voices start to wind down as the clock ticks ever on until finally, theatre quiet and stage set, the show is about to begin.

From hip hop to ballet, a home for all dance

Dedicated to dance in all its various and expressive forms, Sadler’s Wells Theatre showcases some of the most beautiful and entertaining dance performances in the world.

The soft, delicate swoosh of feet gliding across the stage and the elegant, powerful strength of ballerinas will command your attention and leave you pirouetting on tiptoes as you leave the building.

Or perhaps quick steps, strumming guitars, and stunning dresses are about to mesmerise you for the evening in a night full of passionate flamenco.

Sadler’s Wells understands that dance in all its forms is an art that's the physical expression of the human soul.

Whether it's the likes of the intense flamenco, leaving everything out on the dance floor, or the funk-infused whirling bodies of hip hop dance, the body is a tool that Sadler’s Wells inspires everyone to get up and use.

Getting a groove on yourself

The theatre's home is in London, but the performances on stage are worldwide.

Even if you say you don’t dance, we’d be certain there are times when that one song comes on the radio and there’s no one else in the room - your hips start to wiggle, head starts to bob along and it’s only a matter of time before those arms start swinging.

And that’s what Sadler’s Wells is all about, inspiring dance in our everyday lives.

You can even catch some of the performances online through the theatre's digital stage where you’ll be immersed in all things dance within the comfort of your home.

But really there's no matching the experience of being in the theatre itself. Surrounded by people losing themselves alongside you in the performance on stage is an experience you won't forget.

Especially if you’re front and centre when Singin' in the Rain makes its home at the Sadler’s Wells. Top tip – be sure you’ve got a raincoat handy!

With a seating plan that covers three levels, the atmosphere that's captured in the theatre encapsulates everything beautiful about dance as an art form - its power to unify people and demand respect for what the human body is capable of doing.

We know you'll be coming back soon for another epic night of dance performances.

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