Breakin' Convention Presents: The Ruggeds - State Shift - Tickets On Sale

Breakin' Convention Presents: The Ruggeds - State Shift - Tickets On Sale

Sadler's Wells

Available to 4 May 2023
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Adapt, improvise, overcome. The Ruggeds present a vivid duo of pieces about going with the flow or swimming against the tide. State Shift is a performance about adaptability, with the solo Turns and the duet Waterbrothers. As water changes shape, Lee and Roy change their approach to the floor.

In the duet Waterbrothers, they challenge each other in a stream of movements in which the younger brother sometimes storms past the older one. In the solo Turns, Virgil ‘Skychief’ Dey tries to find his way. His ability to move gives him the freedom to always take a new path. State Shift is an intimate evening with musical accompaniment by Jessy ‘Boi Beige’ Kemper.

The Ruggeds have been a collective of breakers for 15 years and are pushing the boundaries of their dance style in the theatre.

United Kingdom EC1R 4TN

People also ask :

Who are The Ruggeds?

The Ruggeds are a renowned breakdance crew from the Netherlands. They have gained international recognition for their unique style, creativity, and high-energy performances. The crew consists of talented dancers who have honed their skills through years of dedication and practice.

What is "State Shift"?

"State Shift" is a dance production by The Ruggeds. It is a dynamic and visually stunning show that combines breakdancing, acrobatics, storytelling, and music to create an immersive experience. "State Shift" showcases the crew's versatility, showcasing their individual skills as well as their synchronized performances as a group.

Where has "State Shift" been performed?

"State Shift" has been performed at various venues and events worldwide. The Ruggeds have toured extensively, taking their show to theaters, festivals, and cultural events in countries such as the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and many more. They have also participated in high-profile dance competitions and showcases.

How long is the "State Shift" performance?

The duration of the "State Shift" performance may vary depending on the specific production and venue. Typically, it ranges from around 60 to 90 minutes, including both the dance routines and any intermissions or breaks.

Can I enjoy "State Shift" if I'm not familiar with breakdancing?

Absolutely! "State Shift" is designed to captivate and entertain audiences of all backgrounds, whether or not they are familiar with breakdancing. The Ruggeds' performances are highly engaging and accessible, featuring a combination of storytelling, athleticism, and music that can be appreciated by anyone with an appreciation for live performances and artistry.

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