Salcey Forest

Salcey Forest

There comes a time when you’ve caught up on all your programs, checked your phone enough times to recognise it’s about time to leave it alone for a while, and you’ve got enough energy and enthusiasm to spur you through the door and out into the great outdoors.

Leaving technology behind

We can’t bad mouth getting stuck into a good TV show now and again because we love to do just that ourselves!

But the moment you step into the embrace of Salcey Forest in Northampton the immediate benefits of the outdoors becomes the most obvious thing in the world.

Everything from the smell of tree sap and wildflowers melding together and filing your nostrils, to the vibrant colours surrounding you brings with it a sense of ease.

To the trails? Or practice ground?

From here it’s up to you where your adventure begins.

Fancy a leisurely stroll? There are three walking trails to choose from at Salcey, leading you past 600-year-old oak trees along the way and past flourishing wildlife.

But perhaps you’re searching for something a little different from your usual nature stroll? With the option of either archery or axe throwing open to you, we think this definitely qualifies.

Who knows, you might be a natural at hurling axes and find a new passion to fill your weekends.

Time for some treats

Whatever you get up to, one place everyone will want to visit before heading home is Grounds Café. Located in the forest, the café is the perfect place to warm up over a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows – or cool down with some homemade cookies and cream gelato.

Not even your four-legged friend will leave wanting, as they serve dog-friendly sausage-flavoured gelato. It might not be your cup of tea, but it might just become their new favourite treat!

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Salcey Forest,
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