Santon Downham

Santon Downham

Looking to make your daily exercise more exciting?

Santon Downham offers a walking trail in the heart of the forest where you can be surrounded by nature as you wander and get lost in your own thoughts.

The idyllic Santon Downham

Step foot into the woodland and breathe in the fresh air, filled with the scents of wildflowers. You’ll instantly be glad you made the effort to explore something new.

Families can reconnect with one another and reminisce about stories from years ago. Or maybe the children are excited to tell you what they learned at school this week.

Hear every leaf crunch as the kids run on ahead and every twig snap under your walking boots. If you’re looking for a solo adventure, the peace and tranquillity are unbeatable as the only thing you’ll be able to hear is the glorious sounds of nature.

Ideal for nature lovers

Pop your binoculars in your bag and grab that bird-identifying book you’ve had on the shelf for all these years - you're about to impress everyone with your knowledge.

The orange walking trail takes you through a variety of habitats, so who knows what you might spot? 

As you cross the river and pass through Little Ouse Valley Forest Nature Reserve, be sure to keep your eyes peeled and see who's first to spot a woodpecker or kingfisher.

Other ways to explore

Want something slightly faster? Then grab your bike and helmet and set off through the woods on two wheels.

A great way to explore and cover even more of the forest, you’ll love feeling the wind on your face as you navigate your way through the trees.

A great day out for all

Bring along your pooch and their tails won’t stop wagging with excitement as they bound through the bushes, trying to discover as much as they can.

The journey home will be a quiet one as there'll be lots of sleepy heads in the back of the car after their busy day running through the forest, using their imaginations to have plenty of fun.

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