Savouring Bath

Savouring Bath

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Bath at its tastiest! 

Enjoy this delicious 3-hour tour where you will be lucky enough to try a range of food and drink. Hear tales of Bath's culinary heritage as well as various points of its interesting past at each of the 7 stops you'll be making on your journey. As your tour progresses, you'll be sampling from food and drink outlets as your friendly and knowledgeable guide tells you stories of food and drink from times past and how it helped shape the culture of the city we all know and love today

Food Heroes

Head on a super tasty tour with Savouring Bath's "Food Heroes" and go on a culinary experience that gives you the best of the past and present days

Available to 31 December 9999

Guilty Pleasures

Indulge in some of the most sweet and savoury treats on the Guilty Pleasures tour of Bath

Available to 31 December 9999

Local Flavours

Find out why there's such a buzz about Bath's resident delicacies on this Local Flavours tour

Available to 31 December 9999
2a Abbey Green,
Bath and North East Somerset
  • Booking in advance is necessary for the tours
  • Wheelchair users are advised to contact Savouring Bath in advance, to ensure that the tour provides you with the best experience¬†
  • Children under the age of 8 are allowed to attend the tour