Savoy Theatre

Savoy Theatre

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Experience the glamour of London’s West End

Steep with history and elegance, the Savoy Theatre is a remarkable place to connect with the power of performing arts. Opening its doors in the late 1800s, it’s not just major theatre productions that it’s famous for – it was the first public building in the world to be completely lit by electricity.

Across the theatre’s three levels, you’ll feel a strong connection to its pastimes and notable productions including the hype surrounding the first public performance of Oscar Wilde’s Salome, and Noël Coward’s masterpiece, Blithe Spirit, during World War II.

Ready for a thrilling evening?

Arrive a little early to take in as much of the iconic Savoy Theatre and the exterior of the neighbouring hotel as possible.

Hop off the London Underground at Charing Cross tube station and wander along the Strand, a landmark stretch of road filled with the exciting bustle that defines the capital.

The bright lights and excitable crowd waiting for the doors to open will immediately grab your attention, as you strike up a conversation about what you’re all expecting from the magnificent performance ahead.

When the doors open, you’re instantly transported to the times where comic operas were in full swing here.

Indulge in your favourite cocktails

They’re a truly scrumptious treat and a perfect way to start your evening at the theatre. Pick a table at one of the four bars, and bask in the electrifying energy as you watch over groups of friends and couples on date nights swooning over the magic of London’s West End.

Cocktails finished and programme in hand, it’s time to take your seats in the auditorium.

As you enter, the 1,150 capacity will leave you feeling in awe of the marvellous productions that have taken centre stage. You’ll notice everyone quickly rushing to get to their seats, eagerly awaiting the stage curtain to open and the show’s music to cause a rush of adrenaline.

What will you see next?

You’ll leave the Savoy Theatre wanting more.

We’re sure you’ll be telling your friends and family about your incredible time here, from the showstopping performances to the elegant interiors and polished service by the theatre staff. Perhaps you’ll grab a drink from one of the neighbouring bars to go over plans for your next trip here?

We’re certain all of your future visits to the Savoy Theatre will become lifelong memories.

Mean Girls

It's not like a regular musical, it's a cool musical. Mean Girls is heading to the Savoy Theatre in June 2024 as a fetch new musical in London

Available from 6 June 2024 to 16 February 2025
London WC2R 0ET