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“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” So said Shakespeare in ''As You Like It''.

Take a tour of the Globe Theatre, see what Shakespeare's stage was like in 1599, and learn how one man came to change the face of English literature.

The 50-minute tour is led by expert guides and storytellers who vividly recreate the Elizabethan atmosphere through live demonstrations, stage fighting, and a lesson on 17th-century script printing.

Every tour is led by an expert tour guide, in English, and is suitable for all ages. Information sheets are available in a number of languages too!

The Globe's story

The Globe was constructed in 1599, but has faced a tumultuous history. It was destroyed by fire in 1613, rebuilt on the same location a year later, and then demolished by Puritans in 1642, who believed that the theatre was a place that led people away from the church. Today, the current Globe stands about 230 meters away from the original site, having been rebuilt and opened in 1997.

Visitors to the Globe can get a sense of what inspired Shakespeare to write some of his most famous plays and imagine what it was like to attend a play during Elizabethan times. The streets were lined with raucous taverns selling ale and brothels, and most theatre-goers who purchased the cheap standing tickets could be found in ale houses prior to the show. Today's Shakespearean crowds are much more civilized by comparison.

Things to do around Shakespeare's Globe

For a unique experience, you can also indulge in an enchanting traditional afternoon tea at the Swan at the Globe, the theatre's onsite bar and restaurant. The Shakespeare-inspired tea adds a theatrical twist to traditional afternoon tea, with delicacies inspired by some of Shakespeare's most famous plays, such as 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' and 'Romeo and Juliet'.

After your visit to The Globe, why not take a short stroll along the Thames and visit the London Eye? Or pay a visit to St Paul's Cathedral, one of London's most historical sites that's just around the corner?

Make sure you check out what's on at The Globe too - you never know, you may be able to watch a Shakespeare play during your visit too. Check out the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre page in the carousel below to discover what's on. 

You can really make a full day out of your visit to Shakespeare's Globe! Book your tickets now!

Globe Theatre Experience & Guided Tour

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Available to 24 March 2025
21 New Globe Walk,
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  • Toilets

  • Food&Drink - Swan at the Globe
  • Every tour is led by an expert tour guide, in English, and is suitable for all ages. Information sheets are available in a number of languages

  • Tour duration is 50 minutes

  • This an open-air theatre and tours go ahead in all conditions so dress for the weather!

  • The tour includes steps and is conducted on foot

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