Shepton Mallet Prison

Shepton Mallet Prison

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The spooky Shepton Mallet Prison makes a great family day out in Somerset. 

  • Explore all the site's nooks and crannies with General Admission tickets
  • Embark on a Guided Tour of the Shepton Mallet's hidden spooks
  • Prepare for the paranormal in an exclusive Ghost Tour
  • Try to break free the dreaded escape room, "The Cell"

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Behind bars

As you arrive in the town of Shepton Mallet, there’s nothing to suggest you’ve entered a place that would’ve once been home to a place with such a grisly history.

It’s a quintessential English market town, where every narrow street is lined with homely old houses and cafes sending out plumes of delicious smells.

But then, suddenly things change. As you approach the prison, its giant walls immediately indicate their purpose – to be inescapable.

They surround the prison, rising up in some places like the walls of a grand fortress. Then, as you pass through them and into the heart of the prison grounds, your exploration truly begins.

How will you choose to explore?

Whether you fancy exploring by yourself or are looking for a guided tour around Shepton Mallet Prison, they’ve got you covered.

On the self-guided tour, you’ll get the chance to explore at your leisure. Wander down corridors and see where they lead you – you never know what you might find.

There’s something both haunting and fascinating about being inside the prison. It’s hard to imagine what its walls have witnessed, watching criminals of past centuries come and go.

But still, down every corridor and in every room, you’re met by a feeling that’s hard to describe. Thousands of lives have been lived within these walls, due to crimes and choices people made.

The guided tour gives you an insight into these aspects. You’ll be led around the prison by an expert guide with a thorough knowledge of the prison and its history.

If you’re looking for a deep dive into the prison’s past and what life was like for those within it, the guided tour is the one for you.

A haunting night

The prison also hosts activities and events that you’ll want to keep an eye out for. And oh, did we mention there’s a ghost tour available that takes place in the dead of night?

Shepton Mallet Prison is rumoured to be the most haunted prison in the world. Fancy seeing if it’s true for yourself?

Whatever kind of experience you’re after, the prison offers anyone a fascinating day out.

Shepton Mallet Prison Guided Tours

With the help of a guide, discover a side of Shepton Mallet Prison unknown to most

Available to 31 December 2024

Shepton Mallet Prison Self-Guided Tour

Wander around Shepton Mallet Prison at your own pace

Available to 31 December 2024

Shepton Mallet Prison Ghost Tour

Discover the ghostly tales behind the haunted Shepton Mallet Prison

Available to 19 December 2024

Shepton Mallet Prison Escape Room

Sentenced to 15 years for stealing £1million, you have hidden the money from the rest of your gang. Now you’re stuck in a prison cell with no way out!

Available to 31 December 2024

How To Find Us

By Train:

If you’re arriving by train, the nearest station is Shepton Mallet. From there, you can take a taxi or a bus to the prison.
Taxi services like Swift Taxis, Regal Taxis, and Mum’s Taxis operate between the station and the prison.

By Bus:

The bus service runs hourly, and you can catch buses numbered 1, 1A, or 1C1.

By Car:

There is a car park on-site, so if you’re driving, you can park there.
Detailed instructions are usually emailed to visitors before arrival, including rules, cell allocation, and specific evening arrival times3

  • Paid Parking
  • Toilets
  • Cafe

The Guided Tour lasts for approx. 1.5 hours. During this time, you are welcome to spend time before, after or both exploring the site.

For our Self Guided Tours, we recommend you allow between 1.5 and 2 hours but you are welcome to spend as long as you like exploring the prison!

Yes, there is a small prison car park (charge £3.50) and Great Ospry pay and display car park is nearby.

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